Plan For Your Future With Investment Advice

We adopt a holistic approach in everything we do and nowhere is this more evident than in the area of investment strategies. We don’t promote the concept of off-the-shelf products, rather we believe in personally tailoring your investment strategy to perfectly suit your aspirations.

At Holborn Assets therefore, working holistically means working as a team, thinking and acting with a unified mindset. So whether you’re looking at personal investment in the form of equities, bonds, hedge funds or property, your choices must work cohesively as a part of your overall financial strategy encompassing retirement, education and wills and estate planning. At Holborn Assets we focus on four ways to invest:

You can opt for one of our collective investment funds, where you will benefit from: economies of scale in transactional costs; genuine portfolio diversification; dynamic asset allocation to optimise your investment according to market conditions; freedom to mix and match passive and actively-managed funds.

As you know purchasing a bond means you are basically lending money to a government or corporation. So Bonds are good as a balancing ingredient in a diversified portfolio and are useful in retirement and education planning.

Hedge Funds
This a tricky area as there are over 3000 offshore funds in the market. If there is one area where you truly do need some professional guidance to ensure the correct levels of risk/reward is achieved, this is it.

Owning property gives one of the greatest feelings of security and contentment. Your reasons for investing in property can be many, including generating an annuity pay-out for your retirement or as a means to circumvent inheritance tax penalties. Whatever your personal reasons for property investment, at Holborn Assets, we are here to make it a success.